Tuesday, 4 March 2014

At School

My first school was a pre preparatory school in
London as my grandmother (I was brought up by my maternal grandparents) had decided that the only good school in our area was a convent school and that was full of Catholics which would never do. So the only possible alternative was a fee paying school a few miles away. My first year was uneventful as we had a dear sweet old lady who played the piano and sung constantly. The next year was different as we were taught by a much younger pretty teacher. She was hot on juvenile crime of any sort. If you misbehaved, just talking when you shouldn’t be or something innocent like that, she would march you to a nearby room, a store cupboard I think it was, for the slipper. Spiteful woman she was too. Not sure if she slippered the girls or maybe they were all better behaved than us boys. Funny things memories I cant even remember her name but I do remember being slippered by her at regular intervals throughout that year. I don’t claim to understand the process by which memory merges into fantasy. I do know by the age of nine or ten I was deeply interested in slippering and thought about those jolly times in the store cupboard a great deal. 

Later on at various different schools I was caned, smacked on the back of the legs, slippered with a plimsoll, hit on the hand with a ruler by both male and female teachers most of whose names I can recall. I can clearly remember a long line of boys and girls, of which I was one, and a rather demented looking spinster going down the line and whacking each bare calf as hard as she possibly could. Our crime, we carried on running after the playground whistle had gone. Ah happy days.

Monday, 3 March 2014

After School Punishment

The 60s Generation

As a child of the sixties, it will come as no surprise to learn that my mother was a firm believer in smacking her children when they misbehaved. This account gives a few details about my own spankings at home.I presume that I received, as most children do, more informal slaps on both my bottom and the backs of my legs when I was a little boy but I can’t say I remember much about them. By the time I was old enough to remember individual punishments, maybe 3 or 4, I was already receiving more formal spankings, or “smack-bottoms” as they were usually called in our house.
I think mum nearly always took down our trousers and underpants before smacking us – certainly I came to regard the baring of my bottom as an integral part of the punishment, and only in later years, going on 8 or 9, did I begin to find the prospect embarrassing. By that time, of course, most boys are averse to the idea of their mum seeing their bare bottom or privates Almost invariably we were taken over mum’s knee to receive our due. I have many memories of gazing at the woollen skirt draped over her lap, ready to receive me as soon as the customary lecture was over. Towards the end of my “spanking years” I can remember a couple of occasions when she presumably deemed me too big to go over her knee and I was required to bend over, hands on knees, as we were required to do at school when receiving corporal punishment.
Her choice of tool for the job rarely varied. I can remember getting the wooden spoon once (again, I think it was one of the later “big boy” smackings) and certainly I have felt the back of her hand, but usually it was the slipper making our bottoms sore. This was an ordinary lady’s house slipper with a sky-blue velour upper and a flexible, very stingy rubber sole. It was an old one of mum’s kept especially for smacking boys’ bottoms. When required it would be taken out, with due ceremony, from a drawer in the sideboard where it was kept.
This was in the lounge-dining room. When my brother and I were younger, smack-bottoms were given on the spot here. Having got out the slipper and placed it on the dining table, Mum would drag out one of the chairs with one hand while holding on to the unlucky boy with the other. She sat while you stood by her side, and trousers and pants were quickly lowered to your ankles.<a Then came the lecture, fairly brief but tailored to leave the child in no doubt about what he had done naughty. Mum generally held the slipper as she lectured, sometimes smacking it lightly against her palm for dramatic effect.
Then it was time. She would take you by the wrist and place you in the nursery position and without further ado the punishment would be administered. She spanked very hard, or so it seemed when I was little – my guess is that in actuality it was quite merciful, unless we had behaved absolutely atrociously. But my bottom was always red and smarting and I would be in floods of tears. The punishment would usually finish with us being sent to our room, with the instruction not to come back down again until we were ready to say sorry.
I saw my big brother get his fair share too, though from about 7 upwards we would be sent to our room to have our spanking there. Mum would come up with the slipper, after giving us a few minutes to think about what we had done, and administer it in the familiar fashion While my brother and I rarely saw each other being spanked then, the sounds coming from the upstairs room left little to the imagination.

Mum stopped smacking us when we were about 11, but the threat of a “smack-bottom” persisted when we played up. I can remember one occasion when she threatened to get a cane for us, but she never did. We got the occasional smacking off dad (he generally just used his hand), but he worked away a great deal and so most of the household discipline landed literally in Mum’s lap.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Church Spanking

Miss Panettiere is the minister's wife at Sarah's church. On the weekend retreat that they are on, Sarah is acting up in all sorts of ways. At the dance she is being inappropriate with her moves and clothes she wears. Her cursing is out of control and her behavior lately is not to be desired. Miss Panettiere has told her she has needed to be spanked for a long time. Well, now it is time. She will give Sarah the long overdue spanking to turn this disrespectful brat into a proper lady. Even as a nurturing mother figure to Sarah, she can still deliver a sound spanking that will make quite an impression. This is a preview clip. To see the full video go to www.sarahgregoryspanking.com.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday Night is Spank Night

Ms Judy teaches her Stepmother what Spank Night felt like. Before she is halfway thru the tears begin to flow. The humiliation & a sore red bottom have her promising to obey her Stepdaughter. From www.bobbiesdrop-seats.com the DVD Stepdaughters Revenge Clips of this 72 min DVD can be found at Spanking Libary under Bobbies DropSeats or the complete DVD at bobbiesdrop-seats.com Thanks to all for your support and kind words over the years.

The Slipper for Lola

ola Marie is a pupil at St. Justs and has been in trouble at school. She comes home and is soon in trouble again with her guardian. She is telling lies and has already been spanked at school for this and so it's time for much more painful measures. First she is spanked on her school knickers and then on the bare bottom. Then off comes the slipper with a very hard sole and this is used on Lola's bottom till it is very red ands sore