Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Spanked and Slippered

I was punished at school an awful lot but never by my parents. However, the mother of the children next door gave me a very hard spanking and slippering along with her 2 daughters and another girl that lived just up the road. All four of us were sitting down the end on my neighbours garden and the two sisters were smoking. They managed to get the other girl to try it but I wouldn't go near cigarettes as I hated the smell. The mother had called to her two daughters to come in doors as there tea was ready but they had ignored her. All of a sudden the mother was standing next to us and went absolutely ballistic when she saw the girls smoking. She made us all go indoors with her and I have never been shouted at so much. The mother was all red in the face and we all stood there starring at the floor. I thought that would be it so had not said anything about not smoking, not that I could get a word in anyway. All of a sudden the mother grabbed her eldest daughter's arm (15), sat herself down on a armchair and pulled he daughter over her lap. She then flipped her skirt up and hand spanked her across her knickers. She spanked really fast and hard and after about 30 smacks pushed her daughter upright and said to the youngest daughter (14) 'right you're next'. She got the same treatment and the mother then told the other girl (14) to get over her lap. Looking back this girl did not argue and just draped herself over the mothers lap and took the same punishment. It was only as she finished with her that I noticed her movements towards me. She told me that I was next and pulled me by the arm over her knee. I protested my innocence to no avail and got a really hard spanking over my trousered bottom. At least I had two layers to protect me but it still stung. When she finished with me she turned to her eldest daughter and said 'fetch the slipper, I've not finished with you lot yet'. When the daughter came back she handed the slipper (heavy soled plimsoll) to the mother as she stood up from the armchair and without a word the daughter just bent over, lifted her own skirt and waited for her mother to slipper her. She got 8 whacks and was crying after about the 3rd stroke although remained in position throughout. After the 8th whack she stood up and the younger daughter took her place without saying a word. She got 11 whacks and was crying as she actually bent over. After the 3rd stroke landed she put her hand back to protect her bottom and the mother just said 'right we'll start again'. She managed to stay still for the next 8. It was then the other girls turn and she just followed suit but went to pull her knickers down having lifted her skirt. The mum of the girls stopped her and said that she could keep her knickers on and it wasn't until about 4 days later that I found out that her own mother slippered her bare when punishment's were due. She took all 8 without moving or crying. The mum then told me to bend over and I started backing away saying that I didn't smoke any cigarettes so didn't deserve punishment. The girls said absolutely nothing in my defence but then again they were pre-occupied with their own stinging bottoms. I also learnt at a later date that the mum would have assumed that they were lying and dished out more of the slipper. Not exactly fair justice but effective! lol For some reason I gave in to the mothers raised voice and found myself in the same position as the girls but still with the benefit of my trousers. She then started to slipper me and on the 1st whack I stood bolt upright and was told 'ok, we'll start again' So if you're good at math's I should have got 9 in total, but I got 11 because at the end of the 9th whack she announced that I should get extra as I was wearing trousers. By the way I was in tears after 7 whacks although I did my best not to cry in front of the girls. As mentioned previously, I was caned and slippered at school (all boy's) many times but this spanking and slippering was more humiliating because of who gave the punishment, the fact it was in front of girls and I cried. My mother found out I had been spanked and slippered as the neighbour told her over a cup of tea the next day. When I came home from school she came up to my room to talk about it. My mother knew that I didn't and wouldn't smoke but understood why the neighbour had punished all four of us. That didn't really help and in fact made me a little angry but I didn't over react. My mother did ask if the punishment had marked me, which it had a little and offered to take a look which I declined. At 14 I felt a bit strange letting my mum see my bottom although she often saw me naked or semi-naked around the house. My main reason for not letting her inspect my bottom was the fact that I was embarrassed as I had received 4 strokes of the cane across my bottom at school that day. I knew the cane marks would still be very fresh as I got them in the last lesson of the day. My mother wouldn't have punished me more because of it, in fact my parents never physically punished me, but she would have wanted to talk about my bad behaviour at school and I could have done without the lecture. By the way those 4 strokes really stung on top of my already spanked and slippered bottom but I didn't cry.............you don't cry at an all boy's school unless you have a death wish. LOL

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